Friday, 17 June 2011


I want to go home - Haven't been home in 2 years, i'm so damn homesick

I know that if wishes were horses, beggers would ride. Yet, i'm sat here wishing; wishing that I didn't let you encourage me to jump the gun. Now I, things, are so royally fucked up, even if we both wanted to do things right, it's too late

I wish I didn't have this flipping e-portfolio to do

I wish I didn't find my job so tedious sometimes

Would be nice if I didn't hurt myself so badly, 6 months later why the flip am i still here?

Would be nice if you cared

I wish i could erase everything and start all over

I wish I didn't have such a yo-yo emotional personality, always swinging between two extremes - whatever happened to being in the middle?

I wish I didn't act on the urge to go out of my way because of you

Would be nice if I could just man the fuck up and get on with ish..what's with the pity party?

"In the desert was a creature, naked, bestial who squatting upon the ground held his heart in his hand and ate of it. 'Is it sweet my friend?' I asked him; he replied 'It is bitter, but I love it because it is bitter and because it is my heart" - David Crane

I love this poem :)