Sunday, 11 March 2012

It's the little BIG things

I'm one of those who shows love primarily through giving - i take utmost pleasure in remembering the 'little things' mentioned off hand and giving them as presents - just because. I'm one of those who'll send a friend flowers on wednesday - well just because!

I'm laid on my couch with a sore left hip and realised that i'm blessed to have a wonderfully awesome person in my life who does the same for me. Only today I marvelled at the length he went through to get me a book i mentioned off hand that I like!

So I decided, i'm going to write down every single beautiful gift he's given me and send him random suprise thank you's because he deserves it - and because he touches my heart :)

- Always parking on the other side of the road so the passenger door doesn't open next to the gutter because I metioned once that i'm terrified of falling into the gutter

- He went all out to get me a book - lots of phone calls and bookshop visiting, because I enjoyed the prequel and even kept it secret from me until he gave it to me! :)

- I particularly love waking up to a 'morneen :)' message on my phone - i still havent managed to wake up first - ever!

- Randomly sending an animated cat wishing me a 'great day' on my phone - well, just because! still makes me smile even at the thought of it :)

- Making me pancakes! Awesome pancakes too

- I doubt i'd ever forget a brief  'hello how are you' conversation we had in the middle of his visiting an important friend he hadn't seen in ages. The dodo that I am was like, 'err aren't you with someone?' and he comes back with 'yes, but i wanted you to know you're always on my mind and i'm not neglecting you so saying a hello' . I don't think anything or anyone has ever made me feel as special as that did me - and still does

- The postman brought me a tee shirt I said i loved which used to belong to him. I adore him for this

- Always opens the door for me :) Chivalry is not dead :)

- Remebers my favourite flowers

- Lets me moan and ramble on for hours, usually about work or someother equally inane thing or another

ETA: - how could I have forgotten to include taking me to see a play!! Dude was never a stage play kinda guy, yet on my birthday :) he offered to take me to see one. Nearly didn't make it sef, but totally enjoyed it! Best part? He suggested it and he totally loved it! :D *okay this isn't such a little thing, BIG thing actually*

It's the 'little' BIG things for me, the seemingly inconsequential stuff.

There's so much more, I haven't even scratched the surface! Lucky Lucky me. I only wish we didn't have to miss each other - cannot wait to see you again

Now to go hatch thank you plans :o)

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