Tuesday, 27 July 2010

Class of 2010

arrgghh, i'm sooo excited! Got home a little while ago from my graduation ball; i had such a wonderful time! It was a blast! Which is really ironic since i was reluctant to go, babes had to drag herself there seeing as £50 had already been paid! tee hehe..

In all seriousness though, i'm soooo glad i went. You know the ubiquitous quote 'you don't miss your water till the well runs dry' is so true. I didn't realise i'd missed everyone so much until I saw them again. Really, the last time we were together was in 4th year med school because in fifth year, we're all posted to seperate regions. So it was well worth it, especially as graduation is in two days, and what with family around, we really won't have time for proper goodbyes.

Pictures were taken, food was eaten, wine was drunk, hatchets were buried *i'll blog about this later* and we danced the rest of the night away! The DJ was on point! Such a good night! It was even more special as the dean and a few lovely consultants were there too. I got a chance to speak to my consultant tutor and really thank her in private for all her help and support through med school. I got a picture too! *squeals* I honestly believe, and i told her this, that i wouldn't be graduating on wednesday if not for her. I strongly believe that people ought to be told that they are appreciated and loved whilst they are still here, no use saying it when they're dead! We must strive to live a life of no regrets!

It's still difficult to believe that this is it! We're never going to have the present relationships we have with each other now again, especially as we're all working in different hospital trusts. It's still difficult to believe it's Dr Enitan and friends now. It's still difficult to believe that this is it! I'm so relieved and above all, so grateful!

It's graduation on wednesday, i say that and heave a sigh of trepidation! Nigerian family and graduations don't go together, well not mine anyway. I'm sure i'll have lots to tell *oh dear!*

It's been a long five/six years, but we made it through! I'll truly miss the graduating class of 2010 *sniff sniff*

Enitan x

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