Friday, 30 July 2010

Graduation, life and fuckwits!

*Grooaannnn* I'm desperately in need of a long hot soak and a long massage after that! Oh my days! *more groaning*...........

It's been a long 48 hours; graduation, travel, and retarded fuckwits *yes i said it!* Rant alert later

Graduation was great! It was amazing and i would never have been able to get through it without my amazing, wonderful friend her royal poshness. Graduation was early morning, and she arrived jetlagged straight from NYC to take photos, keep my demanding family at bay whilst maintaining a smile on my face all day..and best of all she came bearing my favourite flowers! Aren't they gorgeous!
lillies for moi!
£140 pounds, (Grad in brighton's expensive! tickets, gown and hat are ALL paid for) 2 hours sleep and impending family induced migraine later, grad started at 8.15am. I was so suprised i was excited, seeing as i was so blah about it the night before. Gown worn, mortar board donned and picture taken the family arrived..then the extended family my mother invited against my will arrived! you know those kind that proclaim they 'love' you but turn their backs on you when you're in need, only to turn up and celebrate with 'their' sister! eish! Thank God, all was fine. I was sooo nervous backstage! Last time i was that nervous was at my medical finals OSCE! So scared i was gonna fall on the red carpet hehe..but all went well. *i know it looks orange, trust me it was bright red*

Moi in my woodin dress and bright yellow heels
Jollof rice, wings, champangne, prayers and jokes later it was time for the swearing of the oath ceremony and a hour and a half after wards, everyone was on their way home. It was a lovely day, i'm glad i was able to graduate 5 years later *moment of silence for those who couldn't make it*.

And that was the end of Brighton. 71/2 years in b'ton murdered by a ridiculously tiring 6hr train journey and here i am in Leeds! I'm really going to miss Brighton, it's been my second home since i left Naij. *Interesting fact: i've never lived in a city without a body of water , Brighton's by the sea side, so this is going to be an experience and a half!* Oh well, Leeds it is.
*note to peeps in leeds: don't fall ill in august y'all! lol *

The fuckwits at my employing hospital have been testing my patience! I was actually visibly shaking with anger and worry today! My first panic attack *comming on the heels of my dreaming that i worsened a hospital fire!* It's all immigration ish, these people are so bloody closet racist it's not even funny! Basically, the immigration rules changed last year, and because i got my visa 5 years ago, it doesn't bother me, i'm good to start work on my current visa and just renew it before it expires. The ukfpo and the homeoffice agree with me, but HR disagree. They've been harrasing me for months for a letter from the homeoffice that says i can do this. Homeoffice have been disagreeing for months, saying because my visa is so old, they're not gonna issue one. I should just tell boss lady it's fine for me to work. Boss lady says no. here's an excerpt:

Me: Okay, so let me get this straight. You want me to produce a letter from the homeoffice saying that i can work on my visa even though you've seen the guidelines
Boss lady: yes
Me: you agree with me that the guidelines say i can work?
Boss lady: yes
Me: you agree with me that the home office refuses to write you a letter because they don't issue letters on old visas
Boss lady: yes
Me: so where am i supposed to get this letter from then?
Boss lady: that's not my problem. Just know that you can't resume work on wednesday without the letter or a new visa
Me: i cannot get a new visa cuz my current one hasn't expired and i can work on it legally
Boss lady: not my problem

That's where i got mad! not your problem eh? So i ring up the ukba, get a number that she can ring on to verify what i told her, rang the manager of the foundation school and the head of HR (annoyingly both weren't at work today) AND rang the bma legal dept! Not your problem eh? Watch ur ass fry in court! Yes, i was that mad! So boss lady rings up immigration (after i called her 4 hours later to do it! I should have just gone to her office and sat on her mistake) and calls me back like

'Dr Enitan, so the homeoffice seems to think that you can work on your visa (was she deaf the last 2 months i've been tellin her that?), but unfortunately your file was in my managers office so i couldn't give him the details'
Me: well do you want them now? I can give them to you right now
Boss lady: no, it's okay i'll do it first thing monday morning
Me: alright fine. If your manager's late on monday morning, i'll be at your office at 9am with the details 
Boss lady: not to worry, i'll pencil it in my diary. i'll do it first thing on monday morning

But of course i'm worried! I'm trying my best to not be anxious. I can't fathom the idea of comming this far and then being denied starting work because some body somewhere is power drunk! It's been such a rough day, i'm just praying constantly, that God sees me through this and monday comes and i'm all clear to work. Please pray for me, heaven knows i can't afford to forfeit my job or a year because of this woman!

On a completely unrelated side, i've been getting A LOT of messages from ladies back home, crying that they think they may be pregnant and what can they do! I know for a fact that contraception ..of all kinds..are freely available, so what's the problem? Are people just so careless? stupid? Ignorant? Or all of the above! One lady asked me if she can get pregnant if she has sex while on her period! Eish..My next post will be on i'll be glad to render my services and answer ANY question you may have

And my mum's comming to bunk with me for months tomorrow! *sigh* but that's story for another day. I've written enough for one blog!

*Groan...i need a hot soak and a massage!*


Sting said...

Congrats on your graduation. I hope everything is sorted out and u can start working. The closet racists are the worst. Pele.

Enitan said...

Thank you sting, i'm keeping everything crossed too