Sunday, 24 October 2010

Time, slowwww down plix!

How is october almost over already? Goodness, anyone else feel like the year is flying by? I suppose with my head buried in work, it's only right that i haven't noticed *note to self - must get out more*

Having said that, i have had a lovely weekend though! *yay me! lol* There was a drama/music concert at my church last night, and i couldn't come up with a sensible excuse not to go, plus i thought it was time i actually started meeting new people, it's been 3 months in leeds now, i can't pull the newbie card anymore. Of course the promise of midnight crew performing was enough to get me off my couch :D Glad i went, i had a lovely time and met two new people! lol, yay me! hehe..

If you don't know who they are, they are a gospel music band from Lagos Nigeria. They have toured major major cities, even performed on stage with some gospel big names a la Don Moen, Kirk Franklin etc etc I must say though, that they sound a-ma-ziinggg live! Their recordings don't do them justice.

*I really wanted to insert their 'igwe' video in here, but i can't figure out how to do it. But errm, youtube is your friend*

I was on Linda Ikeji's blog and saw this story on street hawkers being flogged and punished. I'm still unable to comprehend that. Like W.T.F?? Honestly, what is the matter with some Nigerians? I mean, how did this come about? Did people actually sit around a table and come up with that nonsense? Did it not cross any one of their minds that perhaps, just perhaps, these poor children did not choose to hawk?! I mean common, what child would choose to be under the scortching Nigerian sun hawking, rather than in a classroom or even home? I don't get it, just don't get it! And these are the people whose mercy we're under, Lord help us all. So much for child protection. I just do not get it!

This is the country I still strongly want to go back to. I've heard it all, from i'm crazy to i'm naive and back down the spectrum again. I've concluded that it's diffcult to explain the longing to go home to someone who's never left home. I mean, how do you make someone understand what it's like to be different, not included, to someone who has never experienced that, especially if they already have the mindset that any other than Nigeria is Nirvana? I only wish i could answer the question that plagues me : what difference can i make and how do i do that? I know my dream, i always have known what my vision is. It's to bring an acceptable standard of healthcare to the common man. The one who can't afford Reddington hospital, who can't afford to see a doctor because he needs to go scavenge for his daily bread. In all my years on earth, nothing upsets me more than a wasted / maimed life due to something so trivial, preventable and treatable. I bow my head in shame everytime i hear of a woman dying in childbirth, or someone dying from malaria. In this present time, it's so unacceptable it's embarrasing.

In a country where the doctors have been on strike in a major city for more than a month and nobody in a position of power or authority to change things gives a rat's ass. Why would they though, they can afford to be flown out of the country to treat 'pericarditis'. Can you tell i'm bitter? mxtchewww

But hey, one step at a time, one day at a time. I'm a firm believer of running with your dream/vision and see where it takes you. Of course, i'm open to suggestions, any suggestion - apart from telling me not to go of course :p

On a completely random note, i won a blog giveaway on the natural lounge! *bb dancing emoticon* I've never won anything before so i was so chuffed! hehe. On another note, i'm burnt sting has closed her blog to un-invited readers. I love her blog and used to go everyday through her blog list as well. oh well #shrug. If you're reading sting, i'm getting withdrawal symptoms :(

Have a lovely week ahead everyone and don't forget your happiness is your responsibility not anyone else's. No one is superhuman enough to make and keep you happy. The energy you put out there is what is reflected back at you. So smile a little and help others out, you'll get that love back shaken, pressed down and many times over.



etoile Oye said...

That explains why it's bee so long since I read from Sting... Sting, please send us invites. We love reading you!!!

Myne Whitman said...

I love Midnight Crew, and Igwe was played at my wedding, lol.

I shake my head at Nigeria but I still want to go back too. Kudos on your dream, naija needs more like you.

I think Sting is back now, :)