Tuesday, 13 September 2011

don't ask, don't tell

I don't understand it. I have a day off after an 85 hour week and 'na me dey enjoy'

I say i'm exhausted because i'm working long hours and I 'shouldn't look for sympathy because at least I'm getting paid?'

ALWAYS pisses me off when people spew schit like this. If you really don't want to know how i am, don't ask me! 'how are you' is not merely an opening statement. If you don't wanna know, don't ask.

I suppose I shouldn't be mad. My fault for expecting empathy where i shouldn't be expecting it from.

.....and breathing... :)


Etoile Oye said...

They say a friend is someone who asks 'How are you' and actually wants, and waits to hear the answer. I guess they were just going through the motions. You know how an (African) old lady will walk into a doctors office on the verge of death and when asked how she is will reply 'I am fine', before proceeding to give a list of complaints that shows she is anything but? I guess the expect you to be the old lady... minus the complaints because unlike the doctor, they are not being paid to listen or try to help make things better. Don't ask don't tell indeed! Sorry for the essay. This just happens too often with so-called friends.

Myne Whitman said...

Etoile has spoken my mind. I hope your work is not so burdensome for too long.

Enitan said...

@Etoile: you had me chuckling at the old African Lady analogy! :D :D so true though, you're so right :)

@Myne; indeed, she spoke my mind too, many thanks for the kind wishes :)

Etoile Oye said...

Glad I could make you chuckle. Take care. :)