Saturday, 29 December 2012


In 24hours i've gone from blissful solitude to tearful to scared to pissed off to being angry for no apparent reason

If that's not batty, i don't know what is.

I told the boy he feels like a stranger to me, has been since yesterday. Feels like we can't have a bloody conversation anymore and i blame instant messaging. I don't know what i'm more mad about - the fact that we can't seem to have a proper chat like we normally do or the fact that he didn't seem to notice and i had to bring it up.

I think i just miss him and i feel like i need him to not be so comfortable with an IM relationship - because i sure as hell am not

The rational me says i should go apologise. I just want to curl in a ball and cry.

I dreamt about my dad today - i haven't dreamt about him in so long. We were at home and he went to make himself a plate of pounded yam and retired to bed, lol.  So odd. I prayed for God to bless and have mercy on him :)

Issues - i clearly have them


DiDi said...

Compliments Of the Season Dear.

Enitan said...

same to you, thanks for dropping by :)