Sunday, 19 December 2010

A christmas affair

I want to have an affair. Yes, i do. Okay, mayhaps (i know that's not a word) affair's the wrong word. I should say a fling. An affair gives the impression that i'm in a relationship of some kind. I'm not, i'm very single. I'm pretty certain the object of my intentions wants a fling too. Yep, most certainly not a relationship.

I finally admit to myself that i'm even thinking about it. There's no other reason for entertaining and encouraging continous bbm messages and conversations bursting at the seams with innuendos. Gosh, my friends would have a coronary if i said this out loud *hehe*

It's weird and interesting at the same time, certainly a new revelation of myself. I guess i'm enjoying the recent male attention a little too much, it's been a while. Heck, it's been a whiiilleee! :D I mean, i'm pretty certain brother man's not looking for anything deep (i stopped worrying about 'leading him on' after i realised) neither am i to be very honest. But he's cute and interesting and i'm enjoying being flirted with.

I stopped the guilt tripping and decided to ride this out and see how it turns out. It's shaping up to be a wonderful holiday period already :D

I'll keep you dearest blog posted.

I hope everyone's gearing up to have a wonderful holiday and no one's gonna be alone for the christmas/new year period.

Merry christmas!


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