Tuesday, 12 April 2011

You'll not know..

You cannot be mad at me for cooling towards you

You cannot be upset with me because i'm seemingly indifferent

You do not know the half of what I've been through and how strong i'm being to get to this here place

You cannot expect me to be in the same place, waiting for the dregs you throw my way

You, surely, must know that i'm worth more than second best

You must understand that it hurts to be treated as such. Not your fault though, afterall one's treated the way one presents herself

You know, i'm sure, that I deserve more than that and have every right to be ontothenextone like i determined to do

You will never ever know how much strength and discipline this is costing me

You asked me, admittedly in a different context, how i happen to be so strong - I'm not. You'll never know the half of it

You know nothing of how hard it is on me to forgive myself. I'm really not THAT person

You most certainly will know nothing of my glorious vulnerability because i'll not let you see that - to what end?

You will not know many things

You certainly have no right to be upset.

1 comment:

Myne Whitman said...

I feel for this write-up, so straight from the heart. All the best.