Monday, 17 October 2011

all grow-ed up

Both things I was looking foward to this past weekend did not happen - and I am a bit gutted yeah, but not depressingly so. Yay for being all 'grow-ed up!' :D

I failed my driving test yet again - annoying beccause of 'clutch control' - yeah DVLA ignore the fact that it was a car I'd NEVER driven! Sigh - back to commuting and yet more money on driving lessons! It's annoying when your feedbacck is 'you can drive BUT' - *exhaling*

on a more upsetting note, my date with Jamaica man didn't happen! I'd been looking foward to it all week! Met him at a friend's party the weekend before and he's hella funny and sweet so I figured hey, why the hell not :D was supposed to picck me up at half 6 - I'd got dressed and ready and ..nothing.

Then I got a text 45minutes later saying 'are we still on for tonight?' Gosh was I hella annoyed! I HATE HATE lateness and the lack of common sense to text to tell me that you're running late. So I politely told him not to bother coming to pick me up as I was 'already out of my dress' *rolling eyes*

As much as I was looking forward to it and even after his cute apology and offer for a 'walk and a chat instead' I still said no - it's not fronting as I've been accused of, lol, it's all about principles joh. I figured if he wanted to see me that much he can re-schedule and be on time!

I on the other hand am over the disappointment - ish. :D

Roll on next weekend! Dinner and drinks in pompey! I finally said yes to that 8 months later check me out! :D I'm making an effort to - live, laugh and love..failing on the 'love' bit for now..I'm looking forward to that though when it eventially comes - I've got soo much love to give and need so much of it myself

I've decided that I cannot be friends with pushpuller. I've tried, given it a go but just no. I cannot. I'm over him yes - even bought a pair of killer shoes to congratulate myself :D (the shoes which subsequently was Jamaica man's opening line lol). Now when I think of pushpuller, that searing pain and shame doesn't come up any more just attempted indifference and. Wishing never to have been involved with him lol. Heck, I even smiled at his other and was nice! But yeah. It's too difficcult for me abeg, it's unnecessary and frankly, I don't have to be friends with him. Let's leave it at forgiveness and moving on.

Sooooo looking forward to my 12 day holiday in Lagos Nigeria yoo! It's been 3 years I'm soo excited, bring on suya and ankara! :D :D

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