Monday, 24 October 2011

living and laughing + ?loving

It was the perfect date - my kinda date :)

I'm a water baby, my happiest place on earth is the beach. So a nice, long walk on the sea front prior to dinner was just perfect. There's something about the sea breeze yo :) . Quick stop off at church to help out with the fresher's event *a couple of embarrasing 'you look good together comments* , change of clothing and off for an Italian dinner - at the Marina! Brownie points for the sea side location :D

Dinner was great - company was great. Conversation was light, easy and flowed. I giggled to myself when the similarity between this first date and the first date with the ex-boy was immediately apparent. There must be something about me that makes guys spill about all previous and, where applicable, current women in their lives without my asking..hehe.. Nonetheless, dinner was awesome, the hours flew by!

The loooooonngggg walk around town after dinner was the icing on the cake, was actually my favourite part of the evening. I love to walk and chat - that's my kinda date. The weather was just right, we wondered town for well over an hour chatting about everything and nothing and eventually headed back home - to sit under the duvet watching old movies! lol, fell asleep at some point in the early hours of the morning.

I really did have a wonderful time and was pleasantly suprised by his attention to detail and the spontaneity of the evening, The long walk was a spontaneous idea - and it worked out just beautifully.

Was well worth the journey and my eventually saying yes to dinner for the umpteenth time! He'd been asking - persistently, for well over 9 months now *covering my face in shame*  - timing is crucial yo! lol

I'm a traditional girl at heart, i love things to be done properly. So brownie points given to c.y for ringing me to ask me to dinner yet again - not text, no ping, no bbm, no whatsapp. Simple, honest call to ask 'would you please have dinner with me?' :) :) *be still my beating heart* lol

I'm well aware of the new age, modern, independent woman steez but I'm still old school - he chose the resturant and paid for dinner, and no, i didn't offer to split the bill - i don't do that on the first date! :)

And so, after the wonderful evening that was saturday in pompey, right before drifting off to sleep after watching Mr Popper's Penguins :p c.y says ' i'm glad you came, dinner was great. I can't believe you actually eventually came. I like you and would like Enitan to be my girlfriend'.

I swear the blood pumping through my arteries froze! I most certainly was not expecting that - I went to dinner without any ulterior motives and wasn't expecting any. I didn't have any prior inidications that he may have been thinking along those lines. But i was floored because he asked! He actually asked. I was soo shocked and touched by how sweet that is all at the same time.I mean people still ask girls to be their girlfriends? In this age of instant messaging and just falling into exclusivity,, that I was asked clearly impressed me. Heck i'm still in shock! :D

So yes, this is me attempting to follow my own mantra of - live, love, laugh - everyday. Life is too short to be toyed with. Tomorrow is not promised today - to any one. So, I lived and laughed - a lot - down south this weekend.

Am i loving? I'm thinking about it. I really am thinking about it...


Anonymous said...

Orrrrrrrrrrhhhhhhhhhhhhh this is so sweet. I am so happy for you. I read your blog (covering face... but never comment) and its nice to see that you are smiling and happy again. Mr sounds like a nice guy. I like that you are thinking about it:-). I pray you make the right choice.

Anonymous said...

Doing chartwheels ....... I am 1st hehehehe

Enitan said...

LOL, thanks anonymous :)