Tuesday, 3 August 2010

God is good - ALWAYS!

God is always ON TIME! Not a minute early, never a minute late! *singing and dancing out of ridiculous joy!* A couple of post earlier, i mentioned how i was getting grief from my employing hospital about my visa. Basically they wanted a letter from immigration to confirm that i could work on my visa - which i can, to which immigration maintained that they weren't going to even though the can verbally confirm that i can work. So, my employing hospital dug their heels in and refused to let me take up my training post.

Fast forward to monday, no change. Now i was desperate. Induction was today morning and work starts tomorrow morning at 8.00am. All throughout the weekend, i'd prayed for favour from God, that his favour go before to everyone involved in this case, that he cause my employer to favour me and that i should be able to start work on wednesday morning. This was the ultimate test of my faith! I found scriptures on God rebuking the devourer on my behalf and based my faith on that all weekend and today.

I was so highly strung today. As nothing had been sorted, i was told not to go for  my induction, but i did. I still went in faith- picked up my ID badge, my log-in details, rota and all other admin stuff. Found the out going house officers, sorted out bleeps (pagers) and wards and stuff. 3.00pm came, i still had heard nothing from the BMA or H.R. Now i was anxious! I sat quietly crying to God, reminding Him of His promises to me and thanking Him for sorting it out. Faith i tell you is a powerful tool! In the morning while i was getting dressed, i listened to a message by creflo dollar about how thanksgiving is a weapon in the hands of the believer that releases answers quicker to out physical door and that mumuring and complaining are answer stealers. So i waited in the corridor, anxious, praying and thanking God..3.30pm came..It was time to obey the voice of God and go speak to the human resources manager. I'd been putting it off like, "i've already spoken to her several times on the phone, what's left to say?" To which God replied, "you have to do your part for me to do mine". I was like "but what am i going to say?" He reminded me that He promised to put words in my mouth to speak.

That's how i carried myself to the medical staffing, stepped into the building and was instantly confused, didn't know where i was going! A lady walks up to me and said "can i help you? where do you need to be?" To which i replied "i'm looking for medical staffing actually, I need to see the head of H.R". What comes out of her mouth? "that would be me! i'm actually on my way to lunch but i can see you ". I actually found that funny! LOL.. God HAS a sense of humour, let no one say otherwise! And if i had been disobedient and not gone at that time, she'd have gone to lunch, i'd have missed her and what happened next would not have happened!

So we get to her office and i re-hash the story, she also re-hashes why they still stand on their refusal to hire me until they get this letter from the home office. I think she saw the distress on my face *don't forget God's favour was on me too* and she said to me "this must be so distressing for you, i'm sorry. I know you've spent all this years in med school and it must be pure torture for you to be told you can't work now". I politely thanked her for her time and as i was leaving, she said "i've already called them once, but i promise i'll try once more today for you". I thanked her, said she was very kind and left and didn't think much of that promise.

I was ready to give up, but deep in my spirit, i kept hearing "the day is not over yet Enitan, the day is not over yet". Anyway, i get home so grouchy and anxious, took it out on my mum *she'd made ofada rice too!* and went straight to my room. The BMA called me to update me, they'd sent urgent faxes and made phone calls to the UKBA and still nothing, but that they'd scheduled a conference call on thursday so hopefully something good would come out of that. My heart sank even further, i thought thursday? I'm supposed to start work tomorrow!

Round about 4.30pm my phone rings it's the HR lady. She sounded so excited, in my mind i was like shuo? The following conversation ensued:

H.R lady: Dr Enitan, are you still around?
Me: No, but i'm only ten minutes away, do you need to see me?
H.R lady: well, not really but can you talk?
Me: Yes
H.R lady: I rang immigration again like i said i would, and good news! They've said we can employ you and they've sent documentation that'll help us in our legal standing if we get asked. I double checked with the employer union and they've given the all clear!
Me: Errm, i hear what you're saying, but i'm having great difficulty believing you right now! Are you saying i'm employed and i can come to work tomorrow?
H.R lady: Yes Dr, you can come to work! Report to your ward at 8.00am please. I'm sending an email to the rota co-ordinator and the head of the foundation school right now! 
Me: wow! thank you, thank you so much! I don't know what to say!
H.R lady: lol.. that's fine, i'm glad it's all sorted for you!

As in! I hung up and stood in shock for a few moments! I found my mum and told her everything! Up until this point, i couldn't bring myself to tell her all that was going on. That she was amazed is an understatement. I told a handful of my friends that knew about it too and rang the BMA to update them. *they're still going to follow it up to prevent this from happening to someone else*

It's a no brainer that God fixed this for me. I mean how did they miracoulously hire me with documents and this almighty letter was no longer necessary? I can't stop thanking God for his favour and love. He delivered me from the mouth of the enemy at the NICK OF TIME! I mean the devil was already asking me how i'm going to pay my rent, and tax and bills etc since i couldn't go to work?

*more dancing for joy!* God is good, His methods of teaching and discipline are not pleasant while it lasts, but in the end it yield good fruits. In this case, fruits of patience and absolute trust in Him - there i was depending on the BMA and Ukfpo to sort me out, when i should have made Him my only source not my other Source! God, i'm so thankful and grateful!

So folks, that's how my day went! I'm officially employed Dr Enitan, resuming at 8.00am to look after patients in upper GI surgery for the next four months. Glory be to God! *gulps..a little bit petrified, but a lot excited!*

*Once again, my post on contraception has been put on the back burner, i shall do it. Leave any questions you want me to answer in the comment box and i'll reply to them all when i do the post on contraception*


inStilettos said...

*So folks, that's how my day went! I'm officially employed Dr Enitan, resuming at 8.00am to look after patients in upper GI surgery for the next four months. Glory be to God! *gulps..a little bit petrified, but a lot excited*

brought a tear to my eye.. congrats! its amazing how real God can be... so happy for you and thanks for sharing... you are so right he's never late!!

Enitan said...

No, he's not inStilettos, thank you :)

Joohls said...

clicked on your blog from linda's. wow, congratulobia o! lol...
well that's really amazing... thanks for sharing. i've logged it for future reference when i'm getting that should i give up feeling :)