Sunday, 8 August 2010

First few days..and more

My goodness, it's been a loooonnggg week! It really has, I was clapped out all day saturday, and i only worked three days! lol..heaven help me, who said being a medic was a walk in the park? hehe..It's been fun though, i've thoroughly enjoyed every day so far. Thankfully I started on a really quiet week so i've had time to ease in and learn the ropes, and I have the most amazing team to work with thank God. Nothing worse than working with people who don't understand the concept of team work! The 'holiday's' over though, my firm's on call everyday for the next two weeks, so i'm gearing myself up for some proper back breaking work now. That being said, i'm looking forward to it though. The initial trepidation has passed, i'm no longer afraid to sign my name to the prescription of morphine! lol *no be me person go drag to court revoke license abeg, i've been triple checking and even calling the pharmacist sef, he already knows my name poor guy* LOL

I've been so thankful to God this past week, ever since the breakthrough He orchestrated so I could resume work on time *see a couple of posts back* I've been so aware and so grateful of every 'little' thing in my life. In fact, I haven't asked for anything, just been thanking God! Walahi, He's a faithful God. I've been church hopping, since I moved to this city. I miss my old church in Brighton! I was so settled there and I was learning and growing - the two most important criteria in joing a church in my opinion. I went online and found a redeemed near where i live. Now, i'm not a 'redeemer' and have never been to a branch in my life, so i was quite skeptical about it *lol* and raised an eyebrow when i saw that the branch is called 'everlasting Father's assembly' LOOOLL..i'm really sorry, i don't know why i find that funny, it cracks me up ALL the time *no offence to people who attend redeemed please, make una no crucify me* that i was distracted by the pastor and some other guy's H-factor is enough to make me hang my head in shame LOL!

Anyhoo, i decided to check it out last sunday and i absolutely HATED it! As in, i wasn't buying at all! First off I didnt' realise that it was their thanksgiving sunday so i turned up at 11:40 for the 11:45 second service only to realise that the service that day started at 10:00am! Being the stickler for time that i am *yes, not every Nigerian subscribes to African time* i was already upset, but that's not what bothered me. It was the fact that for the remaining two hours that i sat there, there was no teaching! As in, nothing learned! All the pastor did was a 20minute talk on the 'weapons of divine authority' and that we should use them. How?When?Why?Where? Brother man no gree explain, so naturally i was vexed and wrote the place off. I told a friend of mine who attends redeem in lag, and he explained that there's usually no teaching on thanksgiving sunday *i'm still giving that the side eye*

So i thought, it'd only be fair to give it one more chance before i write it off completely. Na so i carry myself go there again this sunday. *that it's a 20min walk from mine makes it more appealing as i don't know anywhere in this city yet* I must say, it was better today. Once again, i got there in time for the second service *i don't like waking up early on a sunday if i have an alternative! It's the last time for another 6 days to have a lie in. My mum used to vex me in naij when we had to wake up at 5.30 to go to church!when there was an 11 am service! that's how we'll get home at 9 having slept through the service only to go back to bed, as in what was the point? kmt* Anyway, got there at 11.30am, ahn ahn, am i late or first service never finish? First service ends in sunday school apparently *side eye* and it overran until 12:15! That's how the second service was cut short to only 30mins o! Chei, naija and time keeping! I must say the visiting pastor did a wonderful job of cutting his sermon short to ten minutes. Yes, ten minutes! of course there still had to be singing lol.

The sermon appeased my unimpressed spirit..he taught on taming the tongue and how we have to remember that whatever we say/profess has ramifications in the spiritual realm and that our words are seeds, so we must be mindful. Power of life and death are in the tongue. It's always good to be reminded of lessons such as these.

So will i go again? Yes, i think i will actually. There are always alternatives if i realise later that it's not a place where i can learn and grow. I'm attracted by the fact that it's a Nigerian community and seems nice, i would like to be in a community i think. I've lived a very solitary life in the past 7 and a half years i've been here, i think i'm ready to make friends outside of med school/hospital. Although, a large congregation of black/naija people frighten me! I've been out of it for so long, i get so intimidated! lol, i don't know how to behave around naijas, i swear, i'm not kidding. So i just slink in and, i need deliverance!

My mum's still around, there has never been a greater test of my patience than this present time!, she was like, 'goodness, o o ti e fe ki anybody help e rara! = you don't want any help at all do you?!' i was like ..i've had no help since i went to boarding school at 9 and left the country at 15, it's a bit to late now!' Perhaps that was a little harsh, recounting that now *oh dear* i just don't like people in my space, in my face, wanting conversation after a long day's work, humming all the time getting on my nerves..and most certainly not for 2 months at a stretch! LOL..i repeat, i need deliverance please pray for me, i smell selfishness around!

I was gonna talk about something else, i've forgotten now. Oh well, hope you all had a lovely weekend, have a wonderful week ahead and remember; your life is what YOU make it, don't give anyone else the power to ruin it, and sow postive words afterall, of what use is negativity?

Enitan xx

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