Monday, 23 August 2010

My name is Favour

I shouldn't have gone to bed last night, because now i'm awake. I'll be awake all day and then sleepy  at night when i'm on call smh..i really did know better but sleep was oh so enticing :). Yep, I start my week of nights/on-call today, and i'm excited much! hehe..It's one of the few responsibilites that are exciting to begin with before the wear and tear and anti-social nature begins to ruin your life! hehe...we'll see how it goes wish me luck and pray no-one arrests/crashes! I cannot vouch for my life-saving capabilities at 3.00am :P

In other news, mehn, e be like say i get favour tattoed on my fore-head o! I haven't been able to stop praising and thanking baba God. If you've read any of my previous posts you'll see that i've had something to be thankful about. I went to the bank on an afternoon off, i wanted a graduate account so that i can make use of the interest free overdraft facilities. You all know what it's like, broke for like a couple of weeks before payday and just need something to tide you over before you get paid. I'd waited for my certificate to come through the post for ages!, got a copy of my job contract, got my passport, went armed with all the documents i needed, only to be told that i couldn't get a graduate account because i'm not a british national! Shuo, what has that got to do with anything?

I presented my degree, my job contract everything, the woman no gree. She was like she was sorry that was the policy. Trust me to challenge the 'policy', she actually couldn't tell me why! She went to her manager and came back to tell me that because the account comes with up to £1200 interest-free I can't have it because as a foreigner they can't guarantee that i won't leave the country without re-paying the money!

Imagine! See me see trouble! I was stupefied into silence! I didn't even know what to say! I was like you think i've been in school for the past 7 and half years, got a great paying job only to steal £1200? I was like i don't even want that much overdraft, i just want £300 overdraft *i'm a firm believer in not spending what you don't have, i don't agree with the credit culture of the western world at all!* I even suggested she include overdraft facilities on my current account, which was also declined because i haven't renewed my current visa yet. I left so deflated, i wasn't even annoyed just deflated. I started thinking about all the shit i've been through just because i was an immigrant! As in, if i'd gone into Zenith bank will someone have the nerve to refuse me bank facilities because i'm foreigner? Hisssss...and people wonder why i'm so adamant about going back home! It's little things like this, that constantly remind you that no matter how high up the ladder you climb, you're not wanted nor will you ever be seen as nothing but a foreigner. In fact, i should re-name this blog 'the travails of an immigrant' :P

Anyway, that's how i left o, decided to carry my market to a different bank, but those ones needed my bank statements for the past three months. I'd switched to paperless statements a while back so i had to go back to my own bank to request the statements, i went to a different one though. The lady who was going to print them for me enquired why i needed them and told me that the other bank won't accept print outs even from the bank! Another deflation! She then asked why i needed them, i told her the whole story and how i decided to carry my market to another bank, to say she was shocked is an understatement! She apologised, said it was outright discrimination, couldn't believe that with my earnings i was refused a measly £300 overdraft that i asked for. The lady is the same age as me and is an 'immigrant' too, so she understood the challenges and everything. We actually went on to have a really nice conversation about the hardship we see because of our non-british passports, she told me all what she's been through too, even touched on boyfriends and ethnic parents wahala! lol...I offered to show her my certificate and other documents she declined, that's how she upgraded me to an account with interest-free £500 overdraft and even threw in a credit card with a huge limit in for me!

I didn't even know how to begin thanking her! She looked at me with all sincerety and said i shouldn't that she was just doing her job! Mehnnn, if that's not favour, i really don't know what is! As in, she didn't need to do that, she didn't need to ask what i needed the statements for and she didn't need to offer me a better deal than the other bank were willing to give me. She didn't need to go out of her way at all to do any of that for me! I told my mum and she echoed my thoughts exactly: that was God's favour on my right there!

I sincerely believe the first bank was a test, what if i had lost my temper and just stormed home? I'd still be stewing in my overdraftless self...and it's not payday for another 3 days! I need to send that lady something to say thank you, but i can't send her something obvious before her bosses start sniffing around her. I prayed for her and i'm a firm believer in karma, you get what you put out there and she's put out a lot of kindness and love she'll certainly get what's comming to her.

The overdraft was approved the next day, i immediately hit the shops!, not that kind of shopping! Stocked my house with food and spent the better half of the money at the opticians on my mum, the woman BADLY needed another eye-test and an upgrade on the glasses she had: even i hated looking at the ones she had! LOL

So yeah, patiently waiting for money day! hehe..not like i can spend it sef, i need to leave a certain large sum of money in my bank account for 28 days so that i can renew my visa and the bills are already piling up*kmt* God help me! This country will not be the death of me! *seriously, i should re-name this blog the travails/woes of an immigrant*'s all character building abi? We keep pressing on and smiling, God hasn't forsaken me thus far, he's not about to abandon me now #truetalk!

I read solomonsydelle's last TTEC on unwanted pregnancy, and tried to comment but it won't work at the time. Seriously, WHAT IS THE MATTER WITH PEOPLE?  When you decide to be sexually active did you miss the memo on contraception? The issue makes my blood boil, i can already feel the bile rising in my gut! Even if people no fear pregnancy, una no dey fear HIV? Abi, is it just ignorance? I refuse to believe it is, i started hearing the jingles for gold circle condom when i was barely in my teens! With so many options today, people are still in the unwanted pregnancy mess? I CALL BULLSHIT! SERIOUSLY! I've been slacking on my contraception post, it'll be my next post - honest! *i'm sooo annoyed!*

ooookaayyyy...i'm calming down now... *woooosssaaahhhhhhh*

There, all better :D

I ought to stop writing and figure out a way to sleep today, surgical on-call no be beans! :) Thanks for reading and have a wonderful day. Remember, "the world outside reflects the energy you give it. If you don't like what you see/get, you have every opportunity to change it by changing what you put out there"

Remain blessed and highly favoured y'all.


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