Friday, 24 September 2010

mum's gone #sob

It only hit me as I was in the elevator that my mum was actually crying and had not in fact developed a sudden cold. What stunned me the most was my reaction to that - abruptness..have I introduced myself as one with issues yet? If you didn't know, now you do.

Mum came visiting three months ago, yeah you heard me right, threeeee months! Hehe..but I only had her over at mine for two months.. I threw such a strop big time. Not that I don't like my mum, but we aint got that kinda relationship. One of her under.g moves was that the two months would be kind of a 'bonding' session with me *rolls eyes* hehe

Anyhoo, I've learnt and grown in leaps and bounds since she's been at mine. I've put a leash on my temper and my legendary inpatience has cooled down a bit thank God. The biggest plus has been the daily home cooked meals after a long day at work, I'm gonna miss that!

It's gonna be odd going home tonight to an empty flat for the first time in two months. I dunno if ill miss her yet, we'll'll prob hit me when I get home, at the same time I've missed my own company.

I hope she's had a lovely time though, my bitachness regardless. I did ask her to leave tomm so I could see her off, tht woman's as stubborn as me. So I have to make do with a goodbye over the phone in the middle of a ward round.

Anyhoo, work time. Ill put up a coherent post later

Have a lovely friday y'all, and yay! Its payday!

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Jaycee said...

Your mum was crying? Awww.