Saturday, 18 September 2010

My name is Enitan, and I have anger issues

Not that I'm tryna pronounce anger on my life, but some things get me soooo riled up. I was over at reading an article when i came across the number 1 thing that never fails to piss me off, and it's just a word..a seemingly innocent word, but..

1. The word RIPE..if you're not referring to fruit, for the love of everything good, don't ever refer to me or a woman as ripe! For example, 'Enitan, you're 2x years old and working, you're RIPE for marriage' ewwww...i'm gagging even as i type, makes my skin crawl!

2. This trend of 'african print' being the latest thing in fashion. Just because white people have woken up to the beauty of ankara and kente, we're supposed to bend over backward and agree that it's the IN thing? Bitch, it's been the 'in' thing before your ancestors were born! Hisss, stick to your polyester and leave my ankara off your skin thank you very much!

3. Having to repeat I the only one who gets hacked off when you have to repeat yourself? Especially when I'm speaking with my mum. Sometimes I wonder if she honestly doesn't hear me or just doesn't listen. EVERYTIME!  I really hate repeating myself.

4. The Nigerian get-married-or-die-trying and get-married-or-live-the-rest-of-your-life-ashamed mentality. Enough said

5. Following on from the above, the Nigerian he's-a-man-he's-allowed-to-cheat-and-not-get-called-out-on-it mentality

6. Bad customer service! Oh my goodness, few things make my blood boil! Err, i'm bringing my money to you and you have the nerve to give me lip?! -------> I move on to the next service provider sharply!

7. Being asked obvious questions. 'Enitan, how much's the train fare from london to leeds?' Mate, you're computer and internet literate right? *rolls eyes* #thatisall

Of course, a truck of load of other b.s piss me off, but these are the ones guaranteed to get me steaming! Trust your weekend's been great. I've had a good time doing absolutely fuck all precious moments of laziness :)

Enjoy the rest of the weekend and remember, 'don't wait for a hit to make your life, make your life a hit' *cheesy much but true :P*



TayneMent said...

Correct list. i feel the same way.

etoile Oye said...

I'm glad you found me... Loved going through your posts this afternoon. as for the being ripe for marriage thing, it appears an African plague...

LG said...

lolll@..u're computer and internet literate right? LWKMD