Saturday, 25 September 2010

saturday randoms

1. I have not slept this goooodddd in such a lonnng time! *stretching*. That's what a night back in your bed after 2 months on the sofa will do to you

2. I haven't cooked in a long time. I'm psyching myself up to make lasagne this weekend

3. I'm thoroughly fed up with some guy who feels the best way to get me to go out with him is to send me messages 24/7

4. My hair's grown! It's long enough to canerow now :)

5. I've been suffering from the grass is greener syndrome lately, i need to water my own damn garden

6. Looking forward to a trip to Edinburgh *woohoo* dunno if i should crash with michael or stay in a b&b. Not because michael and i are not cool like that, just because, oh i dunno

7. I miss naij, i miss naij a lot. I can't wait to get sometime to go, I can't wait to relocate either

8. I  have discipline and dilligence issues so i'm wondering how i'm gonna get all i planned for this weekend done *places hand on heart* so help me God

9. No i don't miss my mum - yet

10. I don't have a tenth random..tee hee :)

Have a lovely weekend guys, don't forget to live in and savour every moment because life's in the journey not the destination



Myne Whitman said...

Yes o, life is in the journey. I miss Naija too and I get to visit this December, yay! LOL...

Enitan said...

i'm so jealous myne! I can't justify a weekend in naij in december; that's all i get off :( I hope you have a wonderful wonderful time(*are u going with SLB?*) hehe, i'm not a stalker not to worry, i'm one of those who still think of you as mulan :) thanks for stopping by :)

Jaycee said...

When my hair grows even a few millimeters, I start jumping around like an excited child. Lol.